Frequently Asked Questions


  1.What are the CDC Guidelines for traveling to and from Grand Cayman?


Due to the rapidly changing guidelines pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic, we encourage you to check the below websites for the latest CDC guidelines:

As of March 28, 2022 all international travelers over the age of 12 arriving in Grand Cayman are required to be vaccinated.

If you or your guest experience any symptoms of COVID-19 at any time during the conference, contact Marion Randall, Meetings and Events Manager at or (251) 690-4239.


  2. Do I need an electronic vaccination card?


No, you do not have to have an electronic vaccination card. Depending on where you were vaccinated you may be able to get a digital QR code from them. Some places (CVS and Walgreens for example) have a QR code with your vaccination record. If you do not have a QR code, you can upload a pdf of your actual card when applying for your certificate to travel . With the QR code you will receive instant verification, but with the pdf it could take up to five business days. You will need to bring the physical card with you when you travel though. If you have the QR code you can show this when you travel instead.


  3. What does it mean to be fully vaccinated?


No booster shot is needed. Attendees need the initial vaccination shot(s) depending on the type of shot.


  4. What do they mean by travel/health insurance?


They just want to be sure that you have health insurance, and that you would be covered if you had to go to the hospital or stay in a hotel longer due to quarantine. 


  5. Can I register if I don't have my COVID vaccine?


We understand that the COVID-19 protocols can be frustrating and can make it difficult to plan travel. The Cayman Islands are continuously updating their restrictions. We feel hopeful that the vaccination requirement may be lifted in time for Conference. 

We encourage you to go ahead and register even if you are not vaccinated. We will require that you confirm your ability to travel to Grand Cayman by May 27. If you are unable to confirm at that time, we will refund your registration fee and move someone from the waiting list to your spot.


  6. Do I need to wear a mask in Grand Cayman?


You will need to pack a mask for your trip to Grand Cayman. Masks are required in some areas on the island.


  7. Do I need to provide AEU with my flight itinerary information?


The deadline to provide AEU with your flight information is Wednesday, June 10, 2022. You will add your flight information during the Conference registration process.

If you have not booked your flights when you register, you can add that information later. Here’s how: on your confirmation email, click “modify booking”. Click through the registration until you get to the question asking if you have your flights booked. Change your answer to "yes". You will then be able to add your flight information.


  8. Can I book a room before and/or after the ALMA Conference?


AEU will cover the cost of hotel rooms for the nights of July 17, 18, and 19 at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman. Your hotel reservations for the Conference dates will be made with your Conference registration information.  However, if you choose to extend your stay at the hotel for additional nights, you will be responsible for the cost of those nights. 

To make these reservations for additional nights contact:

Christina Trees
Reservations Coordinator
Phone: +1 345-815-6037


  9. What is the attire for the Conference?


The majority of events at the Conference are resort casual which includes button-downs, polo shirts, sundresses, and nice shorts. The attire for the majority of the activities is clothing appropriate for getting wet, comfortable casual outdoor outfitter and/or athletic attire and close-toed shoes or water shoes that stay secure on your feet. Attire for the theme night is tacky tourists inspired outfits. If you choose to not come in costume, recommended attire is resort casual.


  10. Do people dress up for the theme night?


In previous years there has been a mix of participation in the themed attire. Below are some examples of people who embraced the theme and had fun with it.

  11. What are my dining options during my free time?


The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman has several dining options. Click here to see the options. 


  12. What is the cancellation policy?


If you need to cancel for any reason, please contact Stacy Murphy.

AEU reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the ALMA Conference for any reason. Should this occur, AEU will contact you immediately.


  13. I would like to pay by check. Where do I send my check?


Make checks payable to:
The American Equity Underwriters, Inc.
Attn: Marion Randall
11 North Water Street, 32nd Floor
Mobile, AL 36602

* Checks need to be received by May 30, 2022.


  14. I would like to make a change to my registration. How do I modify my registration?


Go to your registration confirmation and click modify registration.