What precautions will be taken regarding COVID-19 during the National Forum?

AEU staff members will follow all current CDC guidelines for gathering as recommended for fully vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals as well as the city of New Orleans guidelines. If you experience any symptoms of COVID-19 at any time during the AEU National Forum (Swoogo Test Clone), contact a member of AEU's Marketing team.


Is it safe to visit New Orleans at this time?

We are aware of the recent uptick in crime in the New Orleans area. Please rest assured knowing that we have carefully planned and coordinated this event with your safety in mind. In that spirit, we are recommending a few safety measures for you to incorporate during your trip. 

  • Always be aware of your surroundings 
  • Travel in groups
  • Take an Uber or take a taxi when possible
  • If you must walk, stick to busy streets that are well-lit 
  • Limit the number of valuables on your person and don’t carry anything in your back pocket
  • Try not to draw unnecessary attention to yourself 
  • Have fun with a few drinks, but please be sure to maintain situational awareness
  • If you choose an Airbnb or similar rental property, research the safety of the neighborhood 


Is there a registration fee?

No, there is no registration fee to attend. If you are a member of the maritime industry who would like to engage with industry experts in a professional setting, you are welcome to attend.
Attendees who register but do not attend the event (or notify us of their cancellation prior to May 2) will incur a $250 no-show penalty.


Do I have to pay for my hotel room?

Yes, you are responsible for the cost of your hotel room. You are also responsible for reserving your hotel room. You may stay at the hotel where the event is held (see the "How do I book my room?" section) or you may choose your own hotel in the New Orleans area.


How do I book my hotel room?

The Hilton New Orleans Riverside has extended a special rate to Forum attendees. You can book your hotel room by clicking on the "Hotel" tab at the top of the page or clicking on the link below. Alternatively, you may choose your own hotel and make a reservation with that hotel.

To ensure the special rate, please reserve your room by Thursday, March 31, 2022.

Click here to book your room.


I want to book additional hotel nights. What do I do?

If you choose to stay at the event hotel for additional nights, you will also be responsible for assuming the cost for those nights. The group rate is not guaranteed for any additional nights.


When should I plan on arriving?

The Welcome Reception (located in the hotel) is at 5:30pm on Tuesday, May 3, 2022, and the check-in time at the hotel is 4:00pm.


What is the cancellation policy?

Registrants will incur a $250 no-show penalty if they register but do not attend the event and do not cancel their registration prior to May 2.


Are guests allowed to attend?

Yes. You are welcome to bring a spouse/significant other to the Welcome Reception on Tuesday, May 3, 2022, and the networking event on Wednesday, May 4, 2022, as well as all meals.


Will there be a mobile app?

Yes. The mobile app will be released the week before the National Forum starts. Registrants will receive an email when it is available to download.


Will the AEU National Forum (Swoogo Test Clone) presentations be available?

Yes. All presentations will be made available on our ALMA Member Resource website 1 - 2 weeks after the Forum has ended. Attendees will receive an email when they are available.


When does registration close?

Registration will close at 11:59pm CST on Friday, April 22, 2022.