Sharpen your skills as a supervisor with this one-day workshop

With today's rapidly evolving workforce, it's more important than ever for companies to embrace change and adapt their management practices. Longtime employees are reaching retirement, and Gen Z workers expect employers to recognize the differences in values and beliefs among generations. To be successful, organizations must provide leadership skills to empower managers who interact daily with the emerging workforce.

Our Supervisor Leadership Training and Development Program is the result of more than 30 years of operational experience with front-line managers. At AEU LEAD, a division of The American Equity Underwriters, Inc., our team helps organizations develop and grow their supervisors with leadership training workshops that produce the people skills critical to success.


In this workshop, attendees will learn skills to:

Adapt to the evolving workforce by understanding the needs of retiring employees and the expectations of Gen Z workers

Communicate effectively and to connect with all levels of staff and cultivate a more inclusive workplace

Implement participative management techniques that foster collaboration and employee involvement

Engage the new generation of workers effectively, ensuring their satisfaction and long-term retention in the organization


How much does it cost?

Registration is complimentary for ALMA members. Lunch will be provided.



AEU LEAD coaches mid and front-line managers on how to lead and motivate the next generation of workers effectively. We teach modern management styles that appear to Gen Z employees, who prefer teamwork and shared decision-making over traditional top-down approaches. Our programs help create a workplace where employees collaborate and have a say, making it easier to attract and keep Gen Z workers.


Register by July 29, 2024


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